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Some nights I burn in the fire of my own thoughts” – Unknown
LLAMARADA acetate sunglasses represent the first page of Formy Studio new collection, an ode to visionary and opiate brains, after 50 years from the beginning, when a savage will-o’-wisp started to burn just outside New York. The temples refer to the brand’s logo giving to the shape a more dynamic and lighter perception. The UVA/UVB certified lenses are visually inspired by the cinema 3D glasses letting your feelings be free and confident also during the most foolish nights. A glossy marbled texture set up a direct connection with italian ancient roots, from Rome to Magna Graecia, where the drugs were a medium to achieve a sensorial stimulation abandoning yourself to out-of-body experiences.

Cover you red eyes, please.

Note that this product is sold together with a logo leather case with automatic button and two different chains, one in and one silver plated, which you can hook as you prefer both to sunglasses and case.


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